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News Truth Behind Taylor Swift's Mysterious 'Snake' Post

Truth Behind Taylor Swift’s Mysterious ‘Snake’ Post

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Taylor Swift put everyone in dilemma by following a mysterious ‘Snake’ post. But do you know the reason behind that post on Instagram? She was about to release a new single and music video as per the reports and “The song is poppy”.

A source says, “She’s being really secretive about it, but it’s going to be a good one.” But guess what! Her fans online who are over 102 million may be a bit more clever as they smelled her upcoming move and guessed she is about to release a new music video. The singing diva sparked a frenzy online overnight with the mysterious clip, posted just days after turning her online footprint into a “blank space”.

27 years old singing pop sensation had deleted her entire web presence on Saturday – Instagrams, tweets, Facebook page, and official website. Her followers took her this step as a propaganda to publicize a campaign for a new album, her first since 2014’s chart-topping, multi-platinum 1989. The 10 seconds clip that she posted on Instagram features a reptilian tail flapping around silently. 

What does it mean? The internet went in a dilemma.

But gradually they got the idea on what she’s up to! The ‘snake’ label has been with Swift since at least last year, following her misfortunate break up with former boyfriend Calvin Harris and infamous controversy with Kanye West and the Kardashian clan. Putting snake along with her timeline was the way to showcase her two-faced outcry towards the controversy.

It seems this time by posting so Swift has already signalized that her new album is a hit back to her haters. With a snake tail, it would be more interesting to see what will happen next!



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