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Teachers Dragged By Their Hair: The police show their true face!!

This is what it has come to now. The most respectable job has led them to be treated like shit at the hands of the Police

Hundreds of teachers staged a protest at Rose Garden in Bathinda, Punjab demanding an increase in their salaries and regularization of their posts. When the teachers proceeded to block the traffic, the police started a lathicharge on them.

Out of humiliation, 4 teachers jumped into the canal. To save them DSP Gurmeet Kingra and ASI Kaur Singh jumped into the canal immediately.

Once pulled out the teachers were beaten up and put into the bus. The police started beating everyone around. The teachers who took shelter in nearby places were taken out and assaulted.

Can the police treat women like this? They are the one’s who should be protecting the women out there and not beating them like this. Is lathicharge the only option the Indian police has been left with? And that too on teachers? Our Gurus? Many questions have arisen that need to be answered.

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