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5 Technical Inventions That Have Changed The World

5 Technical Inventions That Have Changed The World


Here are the five inventions which are making a new change

#1 Drone that saves your life

drone-696x432A drone named Lifeguard drone has been developed which will save swimmer’s life in case of drowning. Lifeguard drone is a device that a swimmer can put on for emergency situations. One just needs to activate the technology to pass out SOS signal and a GPS location which may save the life.

#2 Stop Lights at the sidewalk

stp-696x402Now people can walk the safe crossing with their eyes in phone. Stadtwerke Augsburg fitted out crosswalks of two rail stops with the help of traffic lights.

#3 First led free Maggie, what next?

w (1)After Maggie now water is to be made lead free. Miniature robots have been designed to absorb 95% of lead within an hour from water body.

#4 New born baby hat for survival

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www_saffluence_com_-1-768x464#5 ‘Artificial Intelligence’ for blind users on Facebook.

fb-768x501Matt King, a blind engineer from Facebook has proclaimed the launch of ‘automatic alternative text’ that can scan pictures, catalogs keywords for blind and visually impaired user.

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