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News Technology Technologies Introduced In India For Health And Care Of People 2016

Technologies Introduced In India For Health And Care Of People 2016

India is a developing country with frequent increases in its infrastructure level. Even it is also a fact now that there is more access to technology rather than sanitation. India is growing and will shake up the whole world someday. Modernization has spread in each and every corner of this country and our youngsters are capable enough to make efficient use of their technology. India is not only using its technology for infrastructure and growth but has also introduced some technologies which are even better than humans in taking proper health and care of people in 2016. Some of those fabulous approaches being:

1. Introduction of panic buttons and GPS in mobiles


Due to the increasing cases of sexual assaults against women, the Indian government has decided to install a panic button in its each and every mobile phone right from the beginning of 2017. In non-multimedia phones, this feature will be installed in the keys of numeric keypad like ‘numeric keypad 5’ or ‘numeric keypad 9’ whereas in smartphones, this feature will get a shortcode to get activated, like pressing the lock key three times or something similar to this.

2. LifeStraw

Technologies Introduced In India For Health And Care Of People 2016

LifeStraw is just a 31cm long pipe which has the ability to purify 90% of bacteria present in any stagnant water. This straw doesn’t only sound cool but is introduced with an aim to improve the quality of life of poor people. This water filter is small enough to be carried anywhere and has the potential to reduce the risk of diseases and save a person’s life. Imagine you are out for camping or are in a forest and can’t find fresh drinkable water anywhere, what will you do? If you would have carried this straw along with you then you would have  never faced such problem at the first place at all.

3. Swasthya Slate

Technologies Introduced In India For Health And Care Of People 2016

Swasthya Slate is first of its kind, you must be thinking why it is so special and why is it so appreciable. Well, Swasthya Slate is a tablet which allows android mobile phones to diagnose a total number of 33 types of medical tests on a body, Moreover, you would be surprised and happy to know that this wonderful life-saving tablet is created by an Indian only. The name of that Indian of whom the whole country is proud of is Kanav Kahol who is a biomedical engineer in USA. This tablet can be very helpful for doctors to carry along and perform immediate tests in cases of emergency.

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