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Painful Stories Of Teenagers Around The World Who Became Mothers Between The Age Of 14 to 15

The teenage parents of Australia are in news. Last week, the 15 years old pregnant teenage Jennifer gave birth to a girl. However, she ran away from the hospital with her boyfriend as she was scared that she won’t get the child custody. But the couple has returned now after the police convinced them that they will give them the chance to care and bring up their child by their own.

Well, this is not for the first time that a teenage girl became a mother. Gradually, in almost all parts of the world, teenage pregnancy cases are increasing day by day. According to the United Nations’ survey, every year 20 Lakh girls ageing between 14-15 become mothers. Along with that, issues like health risk, illiteracy and unemployment are also increasing. Here are the stories of different teenage mothers around the world that will make you think twice:

Ana, 15 years, Columbia

Ana lives with her 4 months old daughter, parents and two sisters. She was in 8th standard when she got pregnant from her boyfriend. Boyfriend left her and while suffering from various medical problems she gave birth to her daughter.

Lorena, 15 years, Romania

15 years old Lorena lives with her boyfriend in a building where 7 more families use to live. Lorena says that she was not ready to become a mother yet. But now she is a mother and she has to deal with it.

Diana, 15 years, Romania

15 years old Diana cried out loud when she got to knew that she is pregnant. The father of Diana’s child had left her. So she was living with her child at her mother’s place along with her six brothers and sisters. She said, my life took a drastic turn afterwards.

Keya, 14 years, Bangladesh

Keya was just 13 years old when she got married. She became a mother at the age of 14. She belongs to an urban slum area of Bangladesh. Her delivery raised many health problems to her.

Aissa, 15 years, Burkina Faso

She lives with her daughter Fati, 13 months, mother and two sisters in a rural area in Burkina Faso. She was sexually abused by her teacher and became pregnant as a result. The teacher was later suspended for one year.

Mulenga, 14 years, Zambia

She lives in a remote area of Zambia with her daughter, parents, step mother and 10 brothers-sisters. She aspired to become a doctor but pregnancy had crushed all her dreams.

Amira, 15 years, Jordan

She lives with her two children Samer, 1, and Amal, 12 days, and husband in a refugee camp in Jordan. She had to stop attending school because of the war in her home country, Syria. Amira got married at 13 and has two children who were born at the maternity clinic in the camp.



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