Taking Selfies has become a fad among the youth. While in the past some people have died in a bid to take selfie, this one teenager was sent to jail for trying to take a selfie with district magistrate.

teenager sent to jail for clicking a selfie

18-year-old Faraz Ahmad screwed it up big time when he tried to take a perfect selfie with DM B Chandrakal and came a tad too close for her liking. It all ended with Ahmad being sent to jail, with a reprimand from the DM who said that apart from being the district magistrate she was also a woman and that a woman’s dignity should be “respected by one and all”.

Ahmad who hails from kamalpur village had accompanied a few elders To DM’s office for some work.The ADM stated that despite repeated warnings, Ahmad continued with his efforts to get that “perfect picture” with the DM. When he was escorted out of the office he was asked to delete the picture which he refused to do and entered into a scuffle with policemen.

It was then that police challaned him under CrPC section 151 (intent to commit crime) and sent to jail.

LOL I hope Ahmad will now think twice before taking a selfie!

Source: Times of India

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