Apps that provides more privacy
Apps that provides more privacy

Soon after What’s up announced its privacy policy. The users started switching to other alternatives that can provide privacy to their data. So read to know the comparison between them.

The news spread like fire after WhatsApp’s revised privacy policy. And soon after that, the netizens started finding some other alternatives to keep their data private. Now the one free app that is trending these days is Signal App that promises to keep the data of its users private. And that’s the reason why there was a hike in downloads. Apart from this, the Telegram App is also on the list that has added 25 million users in the past 72 hours. Almost 500 million active users were witnessed in the first week of January. Since more and more users are switching to Signal and Telegram. Let’s check out the difference between the privacy policies of the two apps with that of WhatsApp.

Group chat security

There is end-to-end encrypted chats by default, in both WhatsApp and Signal. Whereas in Telegram, you can keep your chats personal by enabling the ‘secret chat feature’. And it doesn’t offer end-to-end encrypted chats by default.


In all three apps, there is no display of the advertisement. However, Telegram has announced plans to introduce ads to its platforms later.

Screen Lock

The screen lock is present in all three apps. Due to this feature as we all know the users can lock over their private chats. And can leave their phone without getting worried.

Chat Backup 

Talking about backup, WhatsApp has the ability to backs up your chat on third-party cloud platforms, but in the Signal, there is no chat backup option as they are saved on your device itself. But when we talk about Telegram has its in-built cloud backup. 

Disappearing Messages

All the three apps offer the disappearing messages feature, But in Telegram you can use it only in the ‘secret chat’ mode.

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