Ten Essay Writing Tips For UPSC Exam

UPSE exam
UPSE exam

There are nine papers in the UPSC civil services main exams, and the Essay paper is one of them. The paper requires you to write two essays from a choice of four topics. It carries a weightage of 250 marks, which are included in the final tally. 

If you are preparing for UPSC, you might have the idea that there is no specific syllabus for this paper, and you can get the essay topic from anywhere. It might sound easy, but trust me, it is not. You need to have critical thinking abilities and general awareness in order to score in this exam. Therefore, it is essential for you to level up your essay writing skills in order to pass the exam.  

10 Essay Writing Tips for UPSC Exam

The essay should be a piece of organized and well-planned writing. Now you must be thinking, how to score in this paper? Relax. Here are ten essay writing tips for the UPSC exam to sharpen your essay writing skills.  

  1. Choose the Topic Wisely. You get four essay topics, and you need to choose two topics in order to write the essay. While choosing the topic, make sure you have knowledge about the topic. Avoid choosing controversial or sensitive topics like feminism. In addition to this, also avoid choosing topics about which you feel strongly. In this case, you might get over-excited and fail to write a good and balanced essay. Make sure to choose the topic wisely. 
  2. Familiarize Yourself with the Chosen Topic. Once you have chosen the topic, do not immediately start writing about it. It is prudent to think about the topic for some time. It will allow you to gather all the information you have about the topic. For example, if you are writing about India’s relations with its neighboring countries, you need to write the historical events and facts. If you will think for some time, it will help you gather the related facts and data.  
  3. Sequence Your Ideas. Now the next step is to sequence your ideas. You might have hundreds of ideas about the topic, but it is essential to sequence them. Appropriately arrange thoughts and ideas while managing logical consistency. Suppose you have ten points in your mind for a topic, arrange them in a manner how you would include them in the essay. While arranging the points, make sure to adhere to a good structure. 
  4. Make a Unique Outline. Once you have arranged your ideas and decided on the sequence, you can start writing the essay. Make sure to make a unique outline as it is essential to efficiently structure the essay content. A good essay structure includes: introduction, historical facts, main subject, current scenario, positive and negative aspects, obstacles, way Forward.
  5. Begin With the Introduction. In the section introduction, you need to specify the readers about the main subject of the essay. In other words, the introduction should comprise a paragraph that introduces your entire essay to the readers. It will help the readers in gaining prime insights into what they can expect from the essay. Make sure to write an interesting essay to keep the readers interested. 
  6. Dive Into Main Ideas. The main ideas and points are essential items to drive the interest of readers. They are usually part of the main section of your essay. The main points and ideas are meant to include your argument and convince the readers to agree with your thoughts. Make sure to include compelling ideas and present them in an attractive manner. 
  7. Avoid Using Long Sentences. Sentences in essays should be short, accurate, and concise. Do not get excited and lost in the moment. Keep in mind that you have a word limit of around 1000-1200 words. It will make you write long sentences. Instead, present your thoughts in a short, concise, and simple manner. It enhances the readability of your essay. Moreover, it also causes less stress to readers. 
  8. Write the Conclusion. Your conclusion is an essential factor that allows you to craft a perfect essay. Make sure to provide a summary of your essay and what it has been about. One of the best ways to conclude the essay is to include reforms and a way forward.
  9. Engage Your Readers. It is essential to maintain the interest of readers to manage a consistent engagement. In order to engage the readers, feel free to use relevant sayings and quotes by famous personalities. Make sure to use appropriate verbatim transcription while including quotes so that the message is captured exactly the way it was spoken. In order to engage your readers, you should also include relevant government policies and schemes. If you know accurate numbers or figures, you can also include them. 
  10. Proofread and Edit. In the first place, you should avoid making mistakes while writing the essay. However, in order to ensure submitting an error-free essay, make sure to proofread it.  Proofreading is one of the essential steps, and it helps you in avoiding errors and misspellings. Take your time to go over the essay to spot the mistakes. It is a must if you want to score high marks. 

Other Tips to Consider

  • Avoid getting personal in the essay; 
  • Avoid extreme views;
  • Not only present problems. Also, provide possible solutions or reforms;
  • Do not criticize the administration excessively;
  • Do not write provocative essays. Make sure to present a balanced picture; 
  • Make a balanced and neutral essay.

Final Words

If you want to crack the UPSC exam, it is essential for you to have top-notch essay writing skills. In order to enhance your paper writing skills, you can address essay help services like CustomWritings. Professional writing services or essay companies help you to become a skilled academic writer. They hire academic experts to provide you adequate guidance in custom writing online. Moreover, while writing the essay during the exam, keep in mind you are not a journalist but a future officer.