Thailand’s Famous Female Baby Dugong ‘Mariam’ Dies as She Consumes Plastic


Famous female Baby Dugong of Thailand, Mariam recently lost her life due to infection caused by bits of plastic lining her stomach. She became famous in Thailand after her fight for recovery that won hearts in Thailand and cast a spotlight on ocean conservation. She was named Mariam. A month ago Mariam’s photos went viral on social media in which she was nuzzling playfully next to rescuers while she washed up in shallow waters off southwestern Thailand.

Hpwever, she lost her life midnight after going into shock and efforts to resuscitate her failed. A post-mortem report of her showed the plastic had caused obstructions in her stomach caused inflammation and gas build-up resulting ultimately into her death.

Mariam’s death post quickly garnered more than 11,000 shares and thousands of comments mourning the death of Mariam, one of the animals of endangered species. Here are some of the reactions: