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Infotainment The 10 Antique Medical Photos That Will Take You To The Unseen...

The 10 Antique Medical Photos That Will Take You To The Unseen History!

We are a part of the Generation where it is very difficult to Imagine that what type of treatment would have been given to the needy in the ancient period. Emergency Ambulance is available on our single call and on the other side, modern medicines and operation theaters are vastly accessible. In the ancient times, even a small treatment was a sense of tragedy for them and it was very difficult to take the Patients from one place to another.

Here, We present you a Brief look of the Medical Industry back in those times :-

  • The Medical Heroine used for the Treatment produced by BAYER in 1890’s.
  • The Polio affected people getting Treatment in 1950’s.
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  • Prosthetic arm used in 1800. Look at the change.
  • Prosthetic Leg used by a Woman in 1890’s.
  • The Chair used by the people of Europe in 1750’s which comprises of an adjustment feature too.


  • In 1855, Anesthesia was not always used for the Surgeries, but sometimes The weapon was enough to do the required job. Strange but True!


  • The Treatment of Spinal Anomalies back in the period of 1830’s by Dr. Lewis.


  • The Treatment of Rickets in 1925.


  • She is a Radiology Nurse in the year 1918, the year of World War.
  • Mental Hospital patients wrapped up in wet blankets. God knows that what type of treatment they got.


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