Here are few shocking facts about modern slavery and human trafficking.


The modern slavery is known under the name “human trafficking” and refer to illegal immigrants that cannot walk away from work their “masters” provide them with.

Slavery - Human Trafficking

Globally, there are about 35 million slaves in 2015.


Slaves are much cheaper today than in the past. In the 19th century a slave’s cost was very high (around $19,000 in 2015 money). You can get a slave for as little as $90 in 2015

Alta Gracia, unionized, living wage factory in the Dominican Republic

Over 65% of the slaves live in Asia, and work producing clothes.

In most countries, slavery most often takes the form of sexual slavery.

vgqZ42xwAP_1397663053860India Tops Global Slavery Index in 2014 With Over 14 Million People Enslaved.


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