The Clippers are the premier team in the NBA

The Clippers deal with their failures with the stoic calm as their leader has. There hasn’t been a dressing room stink since Harrell. There is a minimum of information about Leonard’s injury, as it should be in cases with Kawai. They remain calm, try to control what they can control, and silently pray for the health of the leaders.

But it’s boring. And therefore, while the explosion in Brooklyn attracts great attention and is sucked from all sides, the Clippers just exist.

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The ultimate modernity of the game model

Universalism and spacing. In modern basketball, this is one of the most valuable factors. Good offensive space makes it easier to create. Look at how Dallas attacked in the playoffs, there was no transcendental talent around Doncic, but all these people could shoot. And this attack worked very well even against the backdrop of good defensive teams.

The Clippers are promoting the same kind of basketball. Little fives with a bunch of edges that can each throw. George, Lenard, Powell, Batum, Morris, Covington, added Mann in the number of shots, Kennard is generally more of a shooter than anyone else, plus there is Jackson. Where Dallas struggled to get people on one such throwing five, the Clippers have a full-fledged 9-man depth with a set throw. They may not release anyone at all who is not capable of hitting an open three.

Scheme variability

Despite the fact that small ball looks like a hallmark of the Clippers, they can play in different ways. There is flexibility both inside and outside of the small ball itself.

Clippers fives out of a bunch of wingers can actually be different. For example, if you need a little more help under the basket in defense, you can pick up combinations with Batum, Kavai and Covington, which are very cool. If you need more personal defense on the arc, it is advisable to remove the same RoCo, and put someone more stable in a personal one in his place. Need more creativity? Get Powell out to George and Kawhi. Need more in terms of throwing – let Kennard run.

Star class

All talk about the correctness of the construction, the depth and consistency of the composition is often broken up by such a banal thing as having the best player on the floor. From the point of view of modernity and correctness, Boston looked like a stronger team than the Warriors. The team with the best player doesn’t always win, but in order for all this amazing roster grace to work at the highest level, you need real stars who will remain stars. In the end, everything rests on the fact that your best player must either tighten the safety net, or punish for its absence.

This season MUST be Clippers season

There is a feeling that this is the last chance for the Clippers to live up to expectations without falling under the hand. In this regard, the «sailboats» are slightly behind their brothers from «Brooklyn». For the Nets, the season to prove their worth was the previous one. But they were knocked out in 4 matches, the experiment was on the verge of failure, and a seething, foul-smelling mass began to climb out of all the cracks. Now it is extremely difficult to believe in the Nets. Now you need to proceed from the fact that nothing will work out for them, and stick to this position until they raise the goblet over their heads.

For the Clippers, the season in which it is time to confirm the validity of the ambitions of the entire project is now.