Trending The Dreamy-Eyed #Chaiwala From Pakistan Just Landed Himself A Modelling Contract

The Dreamy-Eyed #Chaiwala From Pakistan Just Landed Himself A Modelling Contract

I’m certain at this point that a large portion of this generation probably felt a shock after hearing that a ‘Chaiwala’ from Islamabad made it to the limelight overnight and all thanks to the photo being shared via social media. Many people adored his attractive eyes and were sure enough that this has got something very big in for the modelling industry. Indeed, it turns out and their voices have been listened.

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Soon after this 18-year-old chaiwala’s photo became a web sensation, Arshad Khan handled a displaying contract with apparel and design mark ‘’. What’s more, the brand wasted no time in making it known to the world! Arshad, who lives in Islamabad with 17 siblings, is extremely excited with the consideration he is getting nowadays. In addition, the ‘Chaiwala’ turned model says he has produced an incredible fan following not only on the social media but off the social media too. Here’s the interview of Arshad Khan with Pakistani News Channel ’92NewsHD’. Have a look –

Arshad Khan has additionally been getting a considerable measure of meeting calls from news channels and is extreme delighted with the reaction. Jiah Ali was the lady who initially shared Arshad’s photo as she was roaming through the Sunday Bazaar.

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It’s absolutely great how a simple picture upload on the social media can thoroughly transform a man’s destiny. Congrats Arshad!

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