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High Life The Earthen Lamps Are Being Replaced By Modern Lights, How The Tradition...

The Earthen Lamps Are Being Replaced By Modern Lights, How The Tradition Of Celebrating Diwali Has Changed

Diwali is like Christmas in India especially wherever you go you can see houses decorated, lights decorated on walls, fire crackling sounds, everybody gathers around celebrating and laughing it is like a carnival in which everybody participates.


Diwali is being celebrated since ages, not like today times where everything from crackers to sweets is artificial. And there are no cultural value or sentiments attached to people and families. The time has changed and evolved a lot we do not see it but in the cover of development we are lacking behind the cultural and sentimental values related to the festivals.

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The Changing Lights Of Diwali


Diwali “The festivals Of Lights”, this is the main reason that lights, candles, lamps etc are of the major significance during Diwali. It is the festival of lights. Earlier around in the 90’s there was no so hype about the show off during festivals like it is today! Traditionally people used to light up the¬† ‘earthen lamps’ with a cotton thread and oil to light up the lamps on a dark night. This was the only source of decoration and the traditional one too.

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As man progresses, tradition gives way to modernity. Similarly, earthen lamps were replaced by candles of various forms, colors, some scented, some tall etc. Then, electronic lights were introduced. Lights with a lot of options.

People lighting candles on Diwali at the Golden Temple


Handi Lamps


Handi lamps are a pleasure to see tradition,  modernity, art and color all in a combination. Handi lamps keep the festival flavor and modernity in itself.Some of these handi lamps with the designer touch, with innovative designs glittering and sparkling on them, are sold by a few women from their home boutiques.

Wooden Tubular Candles


In a real innovation in lighting and candle-making, rock lite candle company makes oil lamps out of real rocks. Oil is poured into holes made in real rocks and a fiberglass wick is inserted and sealed. No need to fill or change wicks….and yet, what a gorgeous natural look to add to the home.

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