The Events That Led To The Rapid Outbreak Of Coronavirus In India

At present, about 17 Million cases of corona have been found suspected throughout the country. The lockdown has been imposed again in many cities. Finally, the question arises, what were the reasons that caused the virus to spread so fast in India. Those major reasons are as follows.

Foreign tourists visitors

First, the arrival of the coronavirus in our country was due to the arrival of foreign tourists, namely Italy, Iran, and people who had returned from China and Iran despite being residents of India. They also brought this virus with them.

Tablighi Zamat

The second important factor was due to the mobilization of tabligi’s in Nizamuddin, Delhi. These tabligi’s came from places like Iran, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc., and played an important role in unknowingly spreading the infection by blowing up social distress in mosques for several days. Jamati went to different parts of the country via five trains from Delhi. Due to which the infection spread rapidly last year.

Mumbai ‘s Bandra crowd of the workers

Thousands of migrant laborers gathered in Bandra in Mumbai, the financial capital of the country. All those workers had gathered there to go to their homes. However, the police later had to resort to lathi-charge to dislodge the mob. Here inadvertently hundreds of infected persons came in contact with each other.

Crowd in the Markets is also a reason

During the downs, vegetable markets and milk mandis were allowed to open with adherence to the rules of social distance. However, despite the restrictions, the mob gathered to defy the rules of social distancing and helped spread the infection rapidly.

Despite the refusal of the police and the administration, people were not ready to accept it. As a result, the number of infected people in the country has seen a tremendous boom.

Drug sales

In some parts of the country, drug markets have also played an important role in spreading the infection. It is said that big businessmen of medicine came back from Delhi only a few days ago, they hid this from the administration. As the drug market continued to open, the infection spread to colonies through retail traders as well. However, later the administration made every effort to prevent infection by sealing the entire area.

Home deliveries

The boy who delivered the goods to the home had an infection. Due to which more than half a dozen people of a family got infected. Thereafter, other people also fell prey to the virus through him. There was news of infection in many places through vegetables and milk.

In conclusion, it can be said that there were many reasons for spreading this virus in India. By the way, the test of incoming people at airports itself could have prevented the virus from spreading to a great extent. By the time the government warned, it was too late.