Can’t find the right shoes to go with your outfit? Didn’t Get your Diet Breakfast that you really hoped to have before leaving for college? The AC of your Car won’t work? 

These are some of the problems we face almost daily and which get us really pissed and upset to call it a bad day. But there are problems worse, we think, like.. a painful Breakup! and we go on to decide to kill ourselves because it hurts so much and our life has nothing more left to it, right?… WRONG! Is what you will call out after watching this incredible video by Old Delhi Films..check it out..

How often do you see a little kid trying to sell balloons or other stuff just to buy himself some food? Pretty much! and we feel that they are just bugging us after a long tiring day at the office. The point is, everyone has problems, and life is full of problems and will always be! But being Thankful for what we have is a Great way to start being Happy! It is as they say, The Happy May not be Thankful, But the Thankful are Always Happy!

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