Videos The Funny Types Of Teachers We All Have Met In Our Schools

The Funny Types Of Teachers We All Have Met In Our Schools

Remember your school times? When you only used to think how you’d save the class from terrorists if they ever attack your school instead of gaining marks? Or the time when you used to get annoyed to see your teacher forgiving the punished girls earlier than boys?

Yes, those were our real fun times, when we only used to laugh on teacher and giggle if he/she scolds us. Even standing outside the classroom with our best friend was also different kind of fun and when the punishment really used to go very serious than our favourite teacher used to arrive and fight the bad teacher only for our happiness.

But here’s a short video of all those types of teachers we have loved in our school times shot by the creative team of ScoopWhoop.

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Hope you all like this video and go into a little flashback of your school life, oh and just don’t get super emotional!!!

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