Girl Who Slapped The Cab Driver

A few days ago a video went viral in which a woman was fiercely beating the cab driver. This woman crossed all limits and beat the cab driver by 20 slaps. At the same time, another person who came to the rescue was also tried to be beaten by the girl. Not only this, this woman had also broken the phone of the cab driver. The video of this incident became quite viral and everyone criticized the woman a lot. At the same time, in this case, the police has registered a case against the woman. This case has been registered by Lucknow Police. This incident happened on 30 July.

What is the whole matter

On July 30, a cab driver was stopped by the police at Nahariya Chauraha traffic signal in Lucknow. A woman reached there shortly after being stopped by the police. Who started beating the cab driver fiercely. When the police asked this woman the reason for doing so, the woman accused the cab driver and said that he was not driving properly. The woman alleged that this cab was taken away from her. The speed of the car was very fast and the car came out hitting her from the side. Apart from this, the girl also alleged that the man in the vehicle was harassing her.

The girl told the police that she narrowly escaped from the speeding cab. At the same time, the driver, while keeping his side, had accused the girl of breaking the side mirror and phone. The victim driver, Saadal Ali, had told the police that the woman had broken her phone into two pieces and broke the mirror of the car.

Ruckus for a long time

This woman had created a ruckus on the road for a long time. At the same time, the police took both of them to the police station. Where the woman refused to register the case. At the same time, a few days after this incident, the police have registered a case against the woman. In fact, while investigating the matter, the police looked at the CCTV footage. It became clear that the woman was lying. It is clearly visible in the CCTV footage that the girl herself had violated the traffic rules.

When there was a green signal on the road, the vehicles were moving fast on the road. Meanwhile, the girl started trying to cross the road between the vehicles. This girl came in front of the cab. However, the brakes were applied at the right time by the cab driver. But the girl started hitting the cab driver on the same issue. But now a case has been registered against the accused girl.
Let us tell you that after the video of this incident went viral, everyone was demanding to register a case against the woman. 
The way the woman slapped the cab man. 
Seeing her, people had expressed anger and there was a demand to arrest this woman.
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