Entertainment Kissing Controversies of The Great Khali That Shocked Fans

Kissing Controversies of The Great Khali That Shocked Fans

Eve Torres a beautiful diva of WWE remained in news much for her for her kissing controversy with India’s wrestler The Great Khali as compared to her wrestling career. However, Great Khali aka Dalip Singh Rana the 2.16 m heightened wrestler has been in controversies for kissing female wrestlers. Even his married life suffered because of these controversies. His wife Harminder Kaur got so depressed that she asked for a divorce from him but later he managed to convince her that it is a part of his profession.

The Great Khali first made controversy when he kissed wrestler, Mickey James in 2009. This kiss sparked the controversy among Great Khali’s Indian fans. When Great Khali’s wife Harminder watched the telecast of this scene she got very angry. She called Great Khali and asked him to come back India in an urgency. Later Khali convinced his wife by saying that it all was scripted. 

The other kiss controversy was sparked by Eve Torres. Eve when came to India during an event she revealed that The Great Khali has kissed her many times. However, it never telecasted on TV. She even kept that thing secret that it was a part of a script or not! Eve now works in American films. Eve also said that “The Great Khali along with a good wrestler, is a good kisser too.”

Khali also grabbed headlines when his controversy of kissing on-screen girlfriend Natalya Neidhart sparked. He often was seen sharing WWE ring space with Natalya.


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