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Infotainment The Harsh Truth Behind The Operation Blue Star Finally Revealed

The Harsh Truth Behind The Operation Blue Star Finally Revealed

Was operation Bluestar really meant to remove all the Sikh militants or its aim was something else? The most known operation in the Indian history is always stated as the only way the country had to capture the leader of the militant groups, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale but now the truth behind the Operation Blue Star has been finally revealed:

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Before the Blue Star Operation was implemented, another operation was planned two months before the incident at Indira Gandhi’s house with the Director General of Security (DSG), a main official of the RAW agency. The operation was named as the operation Sundown and below is what it planned-

operation Blue Star - Operation Sundown plan

Indira Gandhi listened to each and every detail of the plan very carefully and the only question which raised in her mind was, “How many casualties?” to which the DSG replied “Twenty percent of the commando force and both helicopters,” but had no answer about the casualties between the citizens.

Therefore, for the sake of civilian lives, Indira Gandhi dropped the operation Sundown but then why did the operation Blue Star took place in which 83 army men and 492 civilians were killed? Well, the answer lies in the operation sundown itself which resurfaced in the foreign place – London.

1984 Operation Sundown

On January 13, 2014, the whole United Kingdom was in shock because of the declassified letters that unravelled the 1984 mystery by stating that the former Prime Minister of UK, Margaret Thatcher, helped India on “the plan to remove Sikh extremists from the Golden Temple”. Due to this letter’s seriousness, it was immediately taken into consideration by Prime Minister David Cameron and a proper inquiry was held.

The letter dated back to four months before the operation Blue star took place, maybe that’s why the operation Sundown was refused and a more violent operation was implemented.

Operation Blue Star 1984

The memories of the incident still reopen the wounds of many people of India and abroad and increases the gap between the Hindu and the Sikh community. In the year 2013, four youngsters even tried to murder the retired Lt-Gen Kuldip Singh Brar, who led the Blue Star operation on London’s Oxford Street.

Will these memories only divide the unity of the country or will ever unite it too?

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