It is said that work is not small or big. Sometimes a work started from a small level also becomes a big business in the future. Just like Haldiram became. Today, even though Haldiram’s has become a big brand for all of us, but once it used to be a small shop in Bikaner. A small shopkeeper went about his work diligently and made Haldiram a big brand

How did a small shop become the No.1 snacks company?
The foundation of Haldiram’s Brand was laid in Bikaner in 1937, about 79 years ago today. Gangavishan Agarwal started a small breakfast shop in Bikaner. Wanted to come into business through this shop. The snacks sold in the shop were tasty. Gradually the shop became popular among the people as Bhujiawale . People also knew Gangavishan Agarwal as Haldiram . Hence the shop now came to be known as Haldiram.

Now in the whole of Bikaner, many types of namkeens including Haldiram Bhujia started being discussed. After this, the Haldiram brand started becoming famous all over the country. To promote business, Haldiram outlets started being opened in many states of the country including Delhi. Not only Bikaner and Delhi, Haldiram had made his reach to America.  

According to the information, Haldiram’s first manufacturing plant was started in Kolkata. After this an outlet was started in Jaipur in 1970 and then in 1982 an outlet was opened in Delhi. In 2003, Haldiram’s products were exported to the US. During this, Haldiram earned a lot of money and name. In 2015, the US banned Haldiram’s products on the grounds that pesticides were used in the products. This was a big setback for Haldiram, but it didn’t make much difference to his brand.

According to the report, Haldiram’s manufacturing revenue in North India was Rs 2,100 crore in 2013-2014. If we talk about West and South India, then Haldiram’s annual sale was Rs 1, 225 crore. The company’s revenue in 2019 stood at Rs 7,130 crore. It currently has more than 50 outlets in North India and manufactures over 100 products.  

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