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The Hottest Non-Sexual Signals Of Closeness Which Give A Entire New Meaning To Romance

Shubham Banyal



We all know that sex is great! While apart from this there are many non-sexual ways that strengthen the bond and intimacy with each other. This is surely gonna remind you of your BAE!

Touching Fingertips

Deep Sensations with some goosebumps

Forehead Kisses

forehead kisses


 When you and your partner respond with the exact same answer at the same moment.

Eating Great Food Together

Inside Jokes

Drinking Together

Making Playlists For Each Other

Enjoying Each Others Company

Stimulating Conversations

Making Each Other Laugh

Getting Caught Staring At Them


Holding Partner From Backside

Holding Hands

Long Warm Hugs

Touching With Toes


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