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High Life The inexpensive DIY idea to use plastic bottles

The inexpensive DIY idea to use plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are typically used to store liquids such as water, soft drinks, motor oil, cooking oil, medicine, shampoo, milk, and ink. The size ranges from very small sample bottles to large carboys, and it is thrown away after it is used, but apart from using it as a container  for storing liquids it can be used for another purpose,

The bottled water industry has grown rapidly over the past few years. Today, the convenience of disposable water bottles means that we can find bottled water almost everywhere we go, but it’s no question that plastic bottles are quite harmful to the environment as well. Therefore we should avoid throwing plastic and use them in the best possible way. This video will be a helpful one to watch out if you want to use your waste plastic bottles at home, and grow a few more plants.

Here’s how you can use plastic bottles at home, with this DIY idea Check out the video:

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