Entertainment The Internet Went Crazy As Varun Dhawan Flaunts His Ripped 9(8+1)-pack Abs

The Internet Went Crazy As Varun Dhawan Flaunts His Ripped 9(8+1)-pack Abs

Varun Dhawan, in his most wild dreams,may have not ever thought of this. The Badlapur performing artist took to Instagram to share a photo of his eight-pack abs and composed, “Morning workouts with @rohanbodysculptor and @prashantsixpack #dishoom29th July. Prepared constant for 3 months with my coaches for this film.” But unfortunately, it’s not his eight pack abs which stood out enough to be noticed, his fans began trolling him for something which he may have not anticipated. His boner!

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Yes, you heard it right. His male fans took his case and their responses were both clever and disgusting.
As far as his work part is concerned, Varun Dhawan is occupied with preparing for his part in up and coming film Dishoom. Take a look –

negative comments on Varun Dhawan's Ripped 8-pack Abs picture

Apart from that, interestingly, there are some positive responses too.

positive comments on varun dhawan's picture

So that you guys know and don’t freak out the next time whenever you spot an Indian actor flaunting his boner, out there are some Hollywood hotties who actually use their bulge as an additional outcome to their sex appeal. Better beware next time!

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