Ballpoint pen potrait
Ballpoint pen potrait

We’ve all used a ballpoint pen at least once in our lives and no doubt that it’s completely an ordinary thing. However, if the same thing goes in the hands of an artist, a ballpoint pen can turn into a magical tool. There was even a genre in art, which includes incredibly realistic portraits made with a pen.

Some artists, such as Juan Francisco Casas or Samuel Silva, have made a name for themselves with vibrant, hyperrealistic paintings painted with ordinary ink. So, we present to you different artists, from self-taught to professional illustrators, who have one thing in common – they proved that it is not necessary to have expensive equipment and tools to leave your mark on the world of art. 

So if you think that an ordinary ballpoint pen is just for writing. Then these pictures are for you to see, that how the artist has created magic from just an ordinary pen.

Here are some incredible work of art below:

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