The Man with 60 year experience of not Taking a SHOWER!

The Man with 60 year experience of not Taking a SHOWER!


AMO HADJI is supposedly 80 years old living in Dezgarh, city of Farashband in Fars province of Iran. The man who barely looks Human and the reason for this is quite simple, He doesn’t have a terrible condition, He has just denied to take a Bath for sixty years.


The 80 year old man leads a barely Archaic life and he routinely smokes the Animal Dung with the most prized possession being a three inch steel pipe. Nobody actually knows about the comforts or discomforts he is getting from such type of life, but still its intensely difficult to understand why Amoo lives the life he does.


As far is skin and texture is concerned, his skin is scabby and his eyes are barely seen. Amo Haji’s favorite food is Rotten Meat of dead animals. Instead of having a Veranda for his House, He has the Entire Horizon set Before him.


He usually drinks 5 Liters of Water a day which is indeed a very good Habit. The man is very keen on his Self Grooming part which is on one side is very Irony. he keeps his hair trimmed not by going to the barbershops but by burning it over a Fire.


The best part about Amo Haji is that He is happy, Contented and Delighted over his life. He is completely used to the surroundings.

Dear Amo Hadji, The earth belongs to you, So live freely and Enjoy!


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