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High Life This Is What This Mark At The Bottom Of Your Toothpaste Really...

This Is What This Mark At The Bottom Of Your Toothpaste Really Means

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Toothpaste is a common household item which can be found at each and every single house. There are too many MNC companies which manufacture several kinds of toothpaste on which we rely on but we should really never ever choose any toothpaste just by its brand, the toothpaste marks are what on which we should believe.

You Might Have Seen These Black, Green, Blue And Red Toothpaste Marks At The Bottom Of Your Toothpaste, Here’s What They Really Mean:


black strip toothpaste mark
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Any toothpaste with a black strip on its bottom is really hazardous for anyone to use. That black mark indicates it is totally manufactured with 100% chemicals which can lead to several oral problems.


green strip toothpaste marks
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Green strip is totally opposite to the black one and means it is 100% safe for your health and daily consumption. It contains no harmful chemicals and only natural ingredients.


blue strip tooth marks
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A blue strip indicates that your toothpaste contains mostly nutrients but a few chemical substances. With such a composition, such kinds of toothpastes are the second safest to use after the green strip ones.


red strip toothpaste marks
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A red strip toothpaste is very common in households. It usually contains chemicals but along with those chemicals, it also contains some medicinal ingredients in little amounts like herbs and natural powders.

This Chart Explains Them All In Brief:

toothpaste colour marks
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If you people also didn’t know about this then you should really take care of what coloured toothpaste you buy next time and ensure that you check all the healthy tips like these ones on our website as soon as possible.

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