Image Source: Business Insider

It is evident that one cannot resist mortality, one guy is trying all in his power and riches to stay youthful forever by pouring crores in gaining immortality.

Bryan Johnson’s goal in life is quite straightforward: “Don’t die.” According to Time, the rich software entrepreneur has spent the last three years building Blueprint, a life-extension system, or, as Bryan puts it, “the ultimate life-extension system” which is “the most significant revolution in the history of Homo sapiens.” The millionaire has as of now invested a whopping $4 million (which is approximately Rs 33 crore) on Blueprint.

As noted by Time, the “blueprint” underpinning Blueprint is effectively Bryan Johnson delegating all decisions about his body to a team of specialists. To minimise Bryan’s “biological age,” the selected professionals utilise data to create a tight wellness routine. Johnson uses 111 tablets each day, wears a baseball cap that transmits red light into his scalp, collects his own faeces samples, and monitors nightly erections while sleeping with a little jet pack.

Bryan Johnson believes that death is voluntary. Bryan claims that his “science experiment” “proved a competent system that is better at managing me than a human can.”Blueprint, according to Johnson, is a game changer that is “reframing what it means to be human.”

Johnson before and post age pills consumption effect

The 46-year-old businessman desires that his body perform as if he were a youngster, an 18-year-old, organs and everything.

As a result, Bryan adheres to a tight eating and sleeping schedule, rising at 4:30 a.m., eating all of his meals by 11:30 a.m., and sleeping at 8:30 p.m. As part of his Blueprint lifestyle, Johnson follows a rigorous workout regimen in addition to a strict diet. Bryan’s other initiatives, in addition to Blueprint, include Braintree, Kernel, and OS Fund.