The Most Beautiful Russian Athletes At The Moment

There is nothing surprising in the fact that in the annual ranking of the 100 most beautiful women in Russia from the magazine “Maxim” – solid actresses, singers, and fashion models. Appearance is their main capital, on which the entire career is often built. They try to be in the public eye all the time, flash in the press and on the screens. Professional athletes are a completely different matter. Appearance does not help to show the result you need to win. And they are far from such public figures as models, actresses, and singers.

But in big sports, there are also marvelous beauties, and quite a few. Here is one of them that the most popular men’s magazine in Russia, Maxim, is now “staring at”. In his current ranking of the best beauties of our country, there are six professional athletes.

Karolina Sevastyanova, rhythmic gymnastics

27-year-old Karolina Sevastyanova has long ended her career in professional sports. Her highest achievement was the “gold” of the 2012 Olympics in London, after which she left rhythmic gymnastics. In 17 years!

Carolina left the big sport, but she was not forgotten. Because the girl is trying to realize herself both in the modeling business and on television. In February 2022, she participated in the 2nd season of the Stars in Africa show on the TNT channel and took 4th place there.

I tried to find at least one normal photo of her (and not a “doll” one, passed through filters and photoshop), but I immediately realized: this is hardly possible. Taken from the magazine “Maxim”.

Carolina is not married. She was credited with novels with many famous people – including oligarchs and even Alexander Ovechkin. But these rumors are not worth attention.

Yulia Kanakina, skeleton racer

26-year-old skeleton racer Yulia Kanakina continues to perform. She finished 11th at the 2022 Winter Olympics. And her highest achievement is the victory at the Junior World Championships in 2017.

Skeleton as a sport is somewhere between shot-throwing and dog sledding in terms of popularity. But the beauty of Yulia still did not go unnoticed by Maxim magazine. Which is not surprising.

Yulia Kanakina is not married. She met with bobsledder Mikhail Mordasov for a long time, but it never came to a wedding.

Irina Sidorkova, car racing

The 18-year-old race car driver first got behind the wheel of a kart at the age of 6. A year later, she already participated in international karting competitions. In 2016, it was time for her to prove herself in the “big” auto racing – first on Volkswagen Polo racing cars, and then on Formula 4 cars.

Irina’s highest achievement is 1st place in the Russian Junior Circuit Racing Championship. Interestingly, as a child, Sidorkova was very fond of the cartoons of the Cars series, and it was Lightning McQueen who encouraged her to take up motorsport.

In addition, in the 10th grade, Irina took part in the Miss Karelia beauty contest, and received the title of the first “vice-mini-Miss Karelia”.

Daria Klishina, long jump

31-year-old track and field athlete Daria Klishina won silver at the 2017 World Championship, and this was her highest achievement in big-time sports.

In addition to explosive jumping ability, Daria is also strong with a spectacular model appearance. This ensured her throughout her career (which is still ongoing) increased media attention and all sorts of titles like “the most beautiful athlete of this Olympics”, etc.

And most importantly – gave profitable advertising contracts. Klishina always hid her personal life. But in February 2022, Daria could not resist and tell her subscribers on social networks that she was pregnant. But the identity of a loved one did not reveal.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, figure skating

At the first glance at Elizabeth, the phrase “figure skating” takes on a new, brighter meaning. The figure of the athlete is really amazing. In 2021, Elizabeth got her straight on the cover of the Maxim men’s magazine.

Fragile (height 157 cm) 25-year-old figure skater won the “gold” of the World Championships in 2015 and 2021. Now she is smoothly moving from big sport to participating in various ice shows (including Ilya Averbukh).

Elizabeth is not married. For about five years, Tuktamysheva was in a relationship with figure skater Andrei Lazukin, with whom she trained together, but in the end they broke up.

Maria Sharapova, tennis

The 35-year-old former world number one left big sport in 2020. Maria lives in the USA, and in 2020 she finally got married (“finally” – because in past years she had a whole series of engagements and betrothals with various chosen ones who did not reach the wedding).

In April 2022, Sharapova revealed that she was pregnant. The father of the unborn child is 42-year-old Alexander Gilks, a millionaire, and dealer in paintings and other works of art.

Maria, as you know, is a millionaire herself: she simply has innumerable advertising contracts, and there is still a queue of well-known brands lining up for her. This allowed Sharapova to become generally the richest athlete in the history of all Russian sports.