The most catching divorces in Bollywood

Bollywood celestial beings fall in love, get married, have children and divorce with each other just like ordinary mortals.

Divorce can destroy not only a marriage but also ruin a bank account. The recent case with Hrithik showed us an example. Roshan and Suzanne Khan surprised the public a lot. One of the most beloved star couples of Bollywood filed for divorce, and after a while, Susanna demanded from Hrithik fabulous amount of crores. The media called Hrithik and Suzanne’s divorce the most expensive in Bollywood history. However, they are not the first stars, which parting was very expensive.

Kapurs, Roshan, Khans – in recent years, quite a few family boats in Bollywood have gone down. Here are just the loudest star divorces of Indian cinema.

  1. Prabhudeva and Ramlatha

Choreographer, actor, and director Prabhudeva and Ramlatha have been married for 15 years. Gave birth to three children, survived the death of the eldest son Vishal (the boy died of cancer in 2008, and he was 12 years old.) A lot was made together. They shared sorrows and joys, but in 2010 the director lost his head because of an actress named Nayantara. The wife did not give him a divorce, and the director was ready for anything, to marry Nayantara.

He left his wife three houses, two cars and 10 lakh alimony (10 lakhs = 1 million rupees). The divorce was long and painful. However, soon after the actor paid huge compensation to his ex-wife for agreeing to the divorce, he decided to return to the family.

     2. Sanjay Kapoor and Karisma Kapoor

Their divorce was preceded by intense battles and scandals that lasted almost two years. Karisma did not agree to let her husband go, though not at all because of high and pure love. Mrs. Kapoor was not satisfied with the amount of compensation, and she tried with all her might to get the most favorable conditions for herself and her two children, Kiana and Samira. It is worth noting that during the entire time when the divorce proceedings were going on, the former spouses now tirelessly gave reasons for gossip.

The paparazzi caught Sanjay, for example, entertaining in the company of the alleged mistress Priya Sachdev. Their photos went around all the Indian tabloids. The piquancy of the situation was that officially Kapura at that time remained as a married couple.

   3. Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Roshan

The announcement of their divorce was like thunder out of the blue over Mumbai. Mr. and Mrs. Roshan were considered an exemplary couple in Bollywood, and their love story resembled a Christmas fairy tale. The couple brought up two beautiful sons, Rehana and Ridana, and were completely happy. People learned the fact that not everything was so smooth in the noble family three years ago. Hrithik and Suzanne soon announced that they no longer intend to live together as husband and wife. And after a few months, they quietly and peacefully divorced by agreement. The quiet divorce of the star couple made a lot of noise. Bollywood buzzed like a disturbed hive. Rumors that the kind and meek Mrs. Roshan, barely freed from the bonds of marriage, was going to get married again. And the information that she was going to do it with her close friend even added fuel to the fire. Her mother Zarin Khan immediately stood up for the honor of Suzanne. Shaming the gossipers, the angry woman declared that all this was vile insinuations. She said that from now there is no place for men in her daughter’s life. We want to believe that this is not so, and the girl will still find her happiness.

On December 13, in an official statement, Hrithik said: “Suzanne decided to divorce with me and put the end of our 17-year relationship. This is a tough time for the whole family. ”A little later, Suzanne also made an official statement and said: “We are two individuals who respect each other and exhibit caring for each other, and we make our own choice. We are parents of two wonderful children and still feel responsible for their upbringing. Nothing will change that. Thank you for the warmth and taking care of both of us and our family. ”

One of Suzanne’s friends says: “I’m shocked by his words! I’m sorry, but it seems that he is looking for sympathy. Besides, there was no need to emphasize that he still believes in the institution of marriage. Does he think that only he believes, but Susanna does not? We are all shocked by his position. They survived many difficult times together, but she never complained to the press and did not blame him for anything. I expected the same from him. ” Despite the news of their divorce, Hrithik and Susanna still have not abandoned each other.

Suzanne, Farah Khan, wrote: “Nothing in this world is forever. I want to remind the media that no one can predict the future.” Even Suzanne’s father, the actor, Sanjay Khan, said: “They are both smart and wonderful people. They need to think about everything. They respect each other. Their decision will be the best solution for both of them.”

    4. Amir Khan and Rina Datta

The love story of this couple could quickly become the plot for a romantic film. Amir Khan and Rina Datta fell in love with each other in childhood. Then they got married and gave birth to two children and lived in perfect harmony for many years. It seemed that their love would not end. But the miracle did not happen, and after 15 years of marriage, the couple announced that they were divorcing. Rina decided to devote herself to raising her son Junaydah and daughter Ira. At the same time, Amir hastened to tie the knot of a new marriage, marrying the beautiful Kiran Rao. However, we would not blame Khan for lightheadedness. The actor remained a caring, tender and loving father. He is retaining a strong bond with his children. The relationship between ex-spouses is the friendliest.

   5. Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh

Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh could not stand the test of time. After 12 years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce, explaining the gap by irreconcilable differences. However, if you believe the rumors, the reason here was entirely different. Mr. Khan was taken seriously by sexy actress Rosa Catalano. The children of the couple, daughter Sarah and son Ibrahim, stayed with their mother. And Ali Khan found his happiness with a new chosen one – charming Karina Kapoor, who may soon give him another child.

Well, speaking about the divorced couples above, in Bollywood there are lots of divorce cases, however, the quantity of them is surely lower than in any other country ever.