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Infotainment The Most Hilarious And Crazy Things Which Are Hard To Believe...

The Most Hilarious And Crazy Things Which Are Hard To Believe But Actually Happened During Real Wars

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When someone talks about the war we are ought to think that a brave story or incident is going to be narrated now! But what if we tell you that there were some wars in History which were just hilarious and nothing else. The reason behind those wars was illogical and weird.

The Australian Army And The Emus


In 1932, Australian farmers were facing a problem because of a flock of  birds which entered their farms. They were Emus now let us tell you about “Emus” They are  no ordinary birds. They were 6 foot tall, fight less and they were about 20 thousand. Soon, the emus took over the entire farm and it was hardly visible. So, the farmers decided to get the help of the military.

Major G.P.W. Meredith of the Royal Australian Artillery decided to take two regiments to fight with these helpless birds.

What Happened After Wards Was An Embarrassment

When the military fired bullets only a handful of birds succumbed, the others vanished and the others survived the war. This Emus mission carried on for about  a week in which the army went crazy and just wanted to kill the emus. At the end of the calculations, less than 1000 Emus were killed and there were about 10 thousand fire rounds. Meredith said about this “If we had a military division with the bullet-carrying capacity of these birds, it would face any army in the world. They could face machine guns with the invulnerability of tanks.”

Pilots And The Facebook Wanting, Wanting


The large military helicopters are very hard to drive that is why we have trained pilots to do this job. Extremely trained. In 2010, near Lake Tahoe  a helicopter literally lost its balance and caused dollars  worth  of damage. And both the pilots experienced near death. You may be thinking what can be the reason behind this. Maybe because of some rival helicopters following and all right? But no the reason was that the pilots dunked their multimillion-dollar aircraft in the lake while attempting to take cool pictures to post on their Facebook wall.

The British Navy Sank Their Own Ship!!


HMS Victoria was a massive warship that was built for on purpose and that was to turn Britain’s enemy into the sea. What happened was that in 1893, the Brits accidentally sunk HMS Victoria all by themselves.The ship presided by Vice Admiral George Tryon as they were pulling off into tripoli the vice decided to show off his fleet which was a complete disaster.

Guam Tries to Borrow Ammunition from the Enemy


In the first stage of Spanish- American war, USS were given a mission to capture the island of Guam in just two days. When they finally reached Guam time was short. They shot 13 times at the Santa Luz and waited for their response. The embarrassment was that the Guam residents thought that they were welcoming and paying tribute to them and they sent a soldier on a ship to invite them over.

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