mummies found in glaciers
Mummies found in glaciers

Ice is the best way to preserve something, known from time immemorial. The ice of our planet contains many secrets that we still need to discover. And what has already been found strikes the imagination and only spurs interest for further searches. Because below are few searches that have been found in the glacier. So scroll down to see what these glaciers were actually hiding inside them.

Ice Maiden of the Incas, Peru

found on the slope of the Nevado-Sabankaya volcano in the vastness of Peru in 1999. Experts suggest that the teenager and several other children were selected for the sacrifice because of their beautiful appearance.The version of the sacrifice of three children is confirmed because next to them gold, silver, clothes, bowls of food, and an extravagant headdress made of white feathers of unknown birds were found.

Mummy of Princess Ukok, Altai

The mummy was nicknamed the Altai princess. It is believed that Ukoka died in the 5th-3rd century BC. and belongs to the Pazyryk culture of the Altai Territory.

Mummy boy, Greenland

Not far from the Greenlandic settlement of Kilakitsok on the west coast of the largest island in the world, an entire family was discovered in 1972, mummified through low temperatures. This boy was not even a year old when he died. Scientists have established that he had Down syndrome.

Juanita of the Peruvian Andes

Thanks to the cold peaks of the Andes, the mummy has been preserved very well and now belongs to the Museum of the Andean sanctuaries in Arequipa, but it often moves around the world in a special sarcophagus.

Frozen mammoth

On the islands of the Novosibirsk archipelago, a well-preserved carcass of a female mammoth was found in the ice. In addition to soft tissues, the researchers got another valuable “gift” – the blood of a mammoth. It did not freeze at minus 10 degrees, and scientists suggest that it was this feature that helped mammoths survive in the cold.

Remains of WWI soldiers in the Alps

With the melting of the ice, the bodies of the soldiers of the First World War begin to surface. In 2014, the remains of 80 soldiers killed during the First World War were found in the melted alpine ice, almost all of them are well preserved and turned into mummies.Together with them were found photographs of the war years, maps and even products that were perfectly preserved in the cold.

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