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High Life The Most Popular Video Games Of The 90's Every Kid...

The Most Popular Video Games Of The 90’s Every Kid Have Played Back Then At Least Once

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The 90s era was the best era. Every kid of the 90s is very lucky as that era was filled with various remarkable and never forgotten Tv shows and movies, item songs, and Indian Idol ! Still haunting us. Besides everything, another nostalgic thing was Video Games of the 90s. Now, the PlayStation and facebook have taken over everything else. But at some time these video games were a hit ! Let’s take a look and remember some of the most loved and played video games played by every single Indian kid of the 90’s.



Mario, Super Mario is the one game every 90’s kid have played again and again and the unique background music of Mario is still a tune we cannot forget. Many sequels were made of this video game.



This game was created by Namco, the characters of this video games were pretty much loved by everybody especially Paul, Lion, and Hiachy. Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 were also a hit in India.



The plot of the game was very interesting. You have to run and run to save the earth from terrorist group Red Falcon.

Duck Hunt


That surprisingly irritating music was one of the best things about this video games. The dog as  a shooter and killing of flying birds with guns never seemed this much fascinating.

Road Rash

@Best Old Games

This game was a thrill riding bikes on a very high speed and doing anything to win, even cheat.

Midtown Madness


The most notable Pc game of the 90’s and still pretty much best to play. Midtown Madness was the one video game which every kid must remember till now. The game was originally designed to teach the teenagers traffic rules.



The Pac – Man was popular in the 80’s as well and was back with a bang in the 90’s as well.

Virtua Cop


Virtua Cop was a light shooting fun game of the 90’s which had two more versions of it.


Aladdin game

We all remember Aladdin as a story and a Tv show but Aladdin game was also a hit with the 90’s kid. This game also won several awards. The game reportedly sold over 10 million copies.

Adventure Island

@Gama Sutra

This game was just like Mario but was fun to play.


the circus game

The Circus game was a very hit game  during the 90’s in which you get to feel like playing in the Olympics for a change. The game had various levels, in some you had to go through a fire circle, Throw Javelline etc.

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