To all the engineers in India which are not so surprisingly alot! If You have ever been an engineer student, you will definitely get this and all go back down the memory lane to college days. While, if you are currently living your glorious college days then read on the only Two types of Indian Engineers to know which category you fall under.

1. The reaching on time for lectures or the calling gfz on time type?2kindtime 2. Engineer Students just don’t like to bathe daily, either type!2kindsbath 3. Newspaper? Why? Are You Mad? I Don’t Have the Time!2kindnewspaper 4. “Chhod Mess Ko Yaar Canteen se Samose Khate Hain” Type and adjusting to mess food type!2kindlunch 5. “Bhai aaj ni..Aaj date pe jana hai” Type and the Counterstrikes Nerds of course!2kindlove 6. Daaru is the lifeline of all Engineer students either of the types. So Theka? or Bhai ka Room no. 12?2kinddaaru 7. “Degree kar ke bahar hi jana hai” Type or the “Infosys ya Wipro mein toh milni hi chaiye job” Type?2kindstudy 8. Strike!!! Definitely right? 😛
2kindcurricular 9. “Ma’am bas attendance zaroor mark krna.. Marks ke liye jugaad hai” 
2kindattendance 10. Ever written code on your own or What are friends for type? I know this because guess what? I am engineer too!
2kindcode 11. So Which type are you? 2kindcinema 12. Beer over Girlfriend? Or Beer Over Girlfriend? LOL!2kindbeer

Well, All this is the absolute truth about the life of engineers not just in India but qyite similarly all over the world! Celebrating this much happening and amazing generation of engineers and wishing them all a very Happy Engineers Day!

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