Infotainment The Punjab Government Should Ban Themselves, Says Ram Gopal Verma #UdtaPunjab

The Punjab Government Should Ban Themselves, Says Ram Gopal Verma #UdtaPunjab

Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starrer, Udta Punjab really created a lot of controversy in the media. After the news of the movie getting 89 cuts came the news that the word ‘Punjab’ will be removed from the title ‘Udta Punjab’.

The news heated up the public that much that they went to troll the CBFC on Twitter by suggesting new names for the movie.

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Although the public was troubling the Twitter very much but it really wasn’t enough for the famous movie director Ram Gopal Verma.

Ram Gopal Verma on Udta Punjab

Ram Gopal Verma thinks that CBFC should ban themselves instead of Banning Udta Punjab if they can’t stop the drug dealing in the state of Punjab. Although what he said do makes a right sense but the time for this Tweet really wasn’t right.

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This is Ram Gopal Verma’s actual post

RGV did of his heart so as the Twitterati who didn’t felt any shame in commenting such great reactions.

And this is the name which RGV has suggested to the movie

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