Sidharth Shukla To Co-Host Big Boss-14 With Salman Khan

Indian actor Sidharth Shukla will be co-hosting the 14th season of Bigg Boss along with Salman Khan. 
High Life Here's The Reason Why Almost All Airplanes Are White In Colour

Here’s The Reason Why Almost All Airplanes Are White In Colour

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Airplanes are one of the biggest inventions of mankind. And by saying so I meant it is one such invention that got humans actually close to flying. Travelling in the air from one place to another and that too safely.

But have you ever wondered noticing the fact that almost all planes are white in colour ? Turns out that the reasons are many.

Most importantly, painting an airplane white gives it an excellent thermal advantage. Not to mention, white is the easiest colour to identify dents, cracks, oil spills, and other issues with the body.

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Thermal Advantage

White, as we all know, is an excellent reflector of light, and hence, heat. Cooling such a huge metal tube down is a herculean task, which is why it isn’t allowed to heat up a lot in the first place. And a heated up plane is the last thing you want when it is 30,000 feet up in the air carrying over 100 people.

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Easier inspection of cracks and dents on the fuselage

Airplanes are regularly inspected for cracks, dents, and any other form of surface damage (for obvious safety reasons). Nothing works better than white when it comes to spotting a crack on the surface, as the crack is almost always darker than white.

A white plan is easier to spot anywhere, in the sky, in the event of a crash, or in turbulent weather. On top of that, painting a plane is a pain, both financially and physically feasible.

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Painting a plane takes a lot of expenditure, manpower, and time. It can easily take from two days to two weeks, given what your budget is. And all that extra weight of the paint in the air is extra operating cost you want to avoid. Painted and fancily coloured planes are also very far down on the resale market.

All of these scientific and real-world issues aside, white as a colour never fades, so no matter what weather, an airplane is safe to be spotted.

So, next time someone asks you why all airplanes are white, don’t look them up with a dumb face.

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