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The Reason Why Shouldn’t We Share Our Earphones/Headphones With Anyone!

We are desi people, we love sharing, especially guys who can share anything with their friends like t-shirts, notebooks, combs, perfumes, towels, water bottles, cosmetics, and lunch. In fact, guys love sharing things so much that the one and only thing that they don’t share will be their underpants.

The Reason Why Shouldn't We Share Our Earphones/Headphones With Anyone!

Recently, the trend of sharing has extended to gadgets and the gadget which we share most is our earphones and headphones. It is surely annoying when you’re listening a song and your brother or friend comes and asks to borrow them from you. They don’t feel your need and sometimes they take them to like never ever return but in our this love of sharing and friendship the most common things which we forget is health. Here’s a pretty good reason that why shouldn’t anyone share his earphones:

The Reason Why Shouldn't We Share Our Earphones/Headphones With Anyone!

The ear canal is that part of our body with traps enough heat for any bacteria to survive, moreover, along with bacteria, our ear also secretes many enzymes which are even dirtier than a toilet seat. According to a scientific study in 2008, scientists proved that whenever we put on earphones, the earphones increases the heat and moisture inside our ears and boosts the bacteria growth up to 100 times more. So whenever you use earphones you already have enough bacteria to make you sick and deaf so now think it yourself, how safe it will be to use someone’s earphones and take their germs in your ears too.

For the above-mentioned reason, scientists have always depreciated the sharing of earphones and it will be better for everyone to follow as they say and stay healthy always.

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