Internet was taken by a storm when it was announced that cheapest smartphone was being launched named Freedom 251. Something did sound fishy when Ringing Bells announced a smartphone priced at rupees 251. Everyone was wondering- How can they make such a cheap smartphone? Here are some reasons that make us suspect that it is an absolute sham.

  • Ringing Bells Private Limited, is only five months old and completely unknown.The Reasons Why Freedom 251 Is A Scam
  • The freedom 251 website was created only on February 10th, about a week back. The Ringing bell Company website does not even list the freedom251 phone.The Reasons Why Freedom 251 Is A Scam
  • The marketing copy on the freedom 251 website is copied word for word from the Huawei P8 product description.The Reasons Why Freedom 251 Is A Scam
  • There are many consumer complaints that the company numbers and emails are wrong.The Reasons Why Freedom 251 Is A Scam
  • The Site of freedom 251 crashed.461463-freedom444


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