Madhuri Dixit Shares Throwback Pictures Of Taekwondo Training

Sharing an old picture from a Taekwondo class with her family Madhuri Dixit recalled her old memories.
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The Secret Behind Narendra Modi’s Success

Presentation skills of a person are the most important skills and Modi uses these skills to present himself in the crowd. These presentation skills are one of the biggest reason that he is the star of today’s youth.

Here are the further reasons revealed that why is he succeeding gradually.

Narendra Modi’s satirical speeches is one of the biggest reason that he is gradually heading towards the success in the state elections too. However, he is leaving no stone unturned for the victory.

secret behind modi's success

He knows it very well that victory in the state elections will somehow be beneficial in the national elections which are coming up in 2019.

While addressing rallies, he not only attract people by taking opposition at its mark but also by his humorous talks and body language.

Modi’s posture and hand gestures express confidentially that he is in command right now. He always uses this dominant persona and confidence to pull the crowd towards him.

reason of modi's success

Modi knows very well that words spoken and hand gestures go hand-in-hand. So he uses hands to express his thoughts. Gestures like V-sign, clenched fists etc. have become his trade mark.

Modi never slump over the podium in front of him as other politicians mostly do. Consequently, he receives similar applauds whether he is addressing NRIs or people from rural areas.

narendra modi success secret

An eye contact is really important when you are addressing an audience. Modi look from one side to the other to grab the attention of audience which also make feel them that he is looking at everyone.

Modi is very strict about his home work. He says “Public speaking without research is no good as people come to listen to you to gather more information and not what they know.”

reason behind modi's success

One more point that he is the star of everyone including youth is “Modi’s Mann Ki Baat”. It has become on of the famous programmes of the India Radio and generated advertising revenue of about 4 crores.

In a nutshell, his personality is the biggest reason of what he is now. His hand gestures, way of addressing are though the part of his personality but they play a much major role than his overall personality does. Last but not the least, his policies are also appreciable.

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