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High Life The Sexiest Movies Available On Netflix

The Sexiest Movies Available On Netflix

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There is a very thin line between where art end and pornography begins. A great many films thrive happily in the grey area of this line.

Some of these films feature real-life sex, it’s not stimulated but happens for real on screen. Strangely, most of the films that display this feature are the saddest, most emotionally draining films.

Many of these grey-zone movies are available on Netflix, and here is a list of some of them.

Starlet (2012)

The Sexiest Movies Available On Netflix

Featuring a sex-scene with the porn star Zoe Voss acting as the body double, this indie drama is not for prudes. Revolving around the 21-year-old protagonist that happens upon an 85-year-old at a yard sale, this film is inspiring.

Nymphomaniac volume 1 & Nymphomaniac 2 (2013)

The Sexiest Movies Available On Netflix

This movie revolves around sex as the central theme. This provocative and controversial drama about a woman with sex addiction hit home. Using porn stars for many of the scenes and digitally placing their genitals on the bodies of the actors, Lars von Trier has not made a film that will appeal to your regular audience.

Blue is the warmest colour (2013)

The Sexiest Movies Available On Netflix

Depicting the harrowing journey of finding love and chasing it over a decade easily makes this film one of the best of those that feature real life sex. Portraying the love story between two women this movie is truly artistic – it’s not just about sex, it’s about the deeper, soul-searching elements of true love that many of you experience in their life.

Wetlands (2013)

The Sexiest Movies Available On Netflix

This film features only one quite horrific sex scene that involves 4 guys and a pizza. Following the skateboarding, 18-year-old Helen Memel as she breaks social taboos surrounding her body, this film really takes off as she a shaving accident that sends her to a hospital.

Antichrist (2009)

Yet another Lars von Tried that most people have heard of – even if only passing. Depicting a couple who go to a secluded cabin to mourn the terrible loss of their baby, this film is profoundly cruel to its audience.

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