The Story Of Most Beautiful And Dangerous Female Detective Killer Will Stun You In Seconds

 There have been many spies in the world who gave their lives for the security of their country and on the basis of these spies, their country has gained many important information. Usually, when it comes to spying, men’s names come to the fore. Because most people do not know that women have always been ahead in the world of espionage. We are going to tell you the story of one such female detective, who ruled the world of espionage due to her beauty and sharp mind. 

We are talking about Margaret Geertoida Jelle aka Mata Hari is the most famous name in the world of espionage. He was born in the Netherlands in the year 1876, but was raised in Paris. Mata Hari was also a great dancer, which was her profession. By the time of World War I, she had become famous as a dancer and stripper in Paris. People from many countries and senior army officers used to come to see his program.

It is said that Mata Hari is counted among the most dangerous spies in the world. Once whoever she fell behind, she would open all her poles. Due to this quality, the French government had obtained many important information of German military officers by making Mata Hari a weapon during the First World War. Although he was considered a double spy. It is said that Mata Hari started giving information about the French government to the German government in exchange for money.

While on her way to Spain, Mata Hari was arrested by the British intelligence agency at the port of Falmouth in England. In fact, the spy agencies of France and Britain suspected that they spied for Germany. Despite not having solid evidence of this, he was gunned down in France after accusing him of being a double agent. After which she slept peacefully forever.

Mata Hari herself did not kill anyone, but her espionage killed about 50 thousand French soldiers. In 1931, a Hollywood film was made on the life of this female detective, in which Greta Garbo was in the lead role.

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