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Trending The Truth Behind Arjun Tendulkar's Selection Finally Revealed

The Truth Behind Arjun Tendulkar’s Selection Finally Revealed

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The truth behind the viral pics which states that Arjun Tendulkar, the son of Sachin Tendulkar was selected in the under-16 team over the son of an auto driver, Pranav Dhanawade who  scored more than 1000 runs has been finally revealed.

Many people accuse Arjun Tendulkar that he was only selected because he’s the son of master blaster Sachin but is that the truth or the media is just misjudging?

Arjun Tendulkar selected over Pranav Dhanawade

Pranav Dhanawade scored a record breaking 1009 runs in a local game in just 323 balls whereas in a game against the north zone, Arjun clearly got bowled at duck as well as even in complete 12 overs, he was only able to score 52 runs.

Where is the justice? that’s what people wanna ask but to your great surprise “Eklavya once again lost to Arjun.” is the caption by which these pics are going viral on the internet.

But now it’s the time to reveal the truth:

Pranav really made amazing 1009 runs but his talent wasn’t wasted, he was awarded scholarships by Mumbai Cricket Association and even got the chance to meet the cricket god Sachin Tendulkar himself but when asked this unfair judgement question to his father Prashant Dhanawade, he replied that the selection of Arjun was obvious and he was selected by a fair way.

Arjun Tendulkar selected in the under-16 team

The selection of Arjun was done earlier when Pranav Dhanawade had not made the amazing 10 centuries and this is the truth which even Pranav himself accepts. Moreover, Arjun Tendulkar is experienced in all the batting, bowling and fielding aspects of cricket where as Pranav is only a wicket keeper batsman.

Arjun was selected for the team due to his amazing performance in Payyade Trophy on 27th November where he scored a century and took 4 wickets, whereas Pranav was nowhere to be seen that tournament.

If you don’t wanna believe us then here’s the shocking video in which Prashant Dhanawade, father of Pranav himself accepts that the viral news is 100% wrong:

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