viral video
viral video

The netizens are enjoying this joyful video of the old man who is dancing on the streets. So just scroll to know why it’s getting viral.

Who says that age becomes a barrier when it comes to enjoying life. Look at this old man whose video is going viral and has taken the internet by storm. He is seeing dancing on the tune of guitar played by guitarists.

The video shows a man dressed in a black long coat, wearing a hat. And holding the stick in his hands. He is seen dancing joyfully after the guitarist plays a nice tune. According to YouTube, this video comes from the streets of The Hague, The Netherlands. The video was shared by Giles Paley-Phillips on Twitter on May 21. And guess what he is actually an award-winning author. Sharing the video, he captioned it, “This guy is truly living his best life (sic).” And we absolutely agree.

Have a look at the video below:

No wonder that this man has taught us the way to be happy and gay. And that’s why the Internet is giving the reaction. So far the video received around 203.8k views and more than 10k likes. Scroll down to see the netizen’s comments to this old man’s video.

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