High Life The Word "HONEYMOON" Never Originated For You To Get Naughty !!

The Word “HONEYMOON” Never Originated For You To Get Naughty !!

When a recently married friend of yours declares “Well we have planned our Honeymoon in Mauritius,” its natural for many to try to hide their smirk as they imagine the whole honeymoon scenario!! It has become a custom nowadays that wedding will be, certainly will be, succeeded by a HONEYMOON clause!! Some people are so excited that they leave the wedding planning and rather start working on how to grab a perfect honeymoon destination and package!!

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But the term “HONEYMOON” didn’t pop out of nowhere like your notifications on Facebook! It carries certain amount of history related to it. Back then, it was much more than just having sex for the first time after marriage.

Well the word honeymoon didn’t carry as much sensuality and sexuality in it back when it originated! There are some shocking theories on how the word ‘Honeymoon’ might have been coined !


The Norse word “hjunottsmanathr” is considered by some to be the origin of the word honeymoon. Hjunottsmanathr actually means “in hiding”. Well some grooms back then used to abduct their brides, hide somewhere and then come out in public when either their wife was pregnant or her family had stopped searching for her!! Then they would ask bride’s family to accept them as the husband of their daughter. (Was Honeymoon synonymous to “eloping” back then?)

honeymoon origin
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Another theory for the word honeymoon stems from the ancient practice in many cultures of drinking a “mead” (honey mead) for the first month of the marriage. It was claimed to be a major practice because people considered that this helped the wedded couple to improve their fertility (and also improve the chances of having better naughty nights!!

Did you know that Attila the Hun supposedly died of an overdose of the so called “honeyed mead” at his wedding feast? (Is this a historic version of a Viagra induced heart attack?)

honeymoon origin
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Authors Richard Huloet and Samuel Johnson have opined in 1552 that ‘hony mone’ is a period where newly-wed would start falling out of love with each other!

honeymoon origin
Source: organicauthority.com

Well the term for this era generates a naughty excitement and a healthy blushing. Hope the tradition of interpreting it this way, goes on and on!!

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