The World’s Most And The Least Powerful Passports In 2022 Know Where India, USA, And China Rank

Recently the data was released, from an immigration company named Henley & Partners that showed the World’s most and the least powerful passports. Scroll down to know where your passport ranks.

passports of different countries

As per Henley Passport Index from Henley & Partners, an immigration consultancy. A Japanese passport ranks first in the list, as it provides, hassle-free entry to 193 countries, whereas, Singapore and South Korea are in second place, according to the latest Index. Other countries that top the list are The UK which stands sixth with access to 187 countries, while the US is seventh with a score of 186.

Coming to Russian. The travel documents are ranked 50th, with easy access to 119 nations. Followed by this is China which has been placed 69th with access to 80 countries, On the other hand, India’s passport ranked 87th, offering visa-free access to 60 countries, including Bhutan, Nepal, Indonesia, and Macau. After sharing this let us also share the country which is least useful and that is Afghanistan’s passport with access to only 27 countries.

Take a look at the index below:

The index, shared above uses 17 years of data and helps wealthy individuals and governments evaluate the worth of citizenships around the world based on which passports offer the most prolific visa-free, or visa-on-arrival access.