Trending 10 Then And Now Logos Of Popular Brands You Would Love To...

10 Then And Now Logos Of Popular Brands You Would Love To See!

Time is money, along with time changes many things but time is the thing which  never comes back, therefore, one should choose his options wisely because he doesn’t know how much that action can change his future. Just like that, these companies decided to choose their logos which went successful and took them to new heights but does their then and now logos have the same capabilities?

Let’s see that in this list of their then and now logos:

1.  Nokia

Then and now logos Nokia

2. Volkswagen

Then and now logos - Volkswagen

3. Amazon

Then and now logos - Amazon

4. Google

Then and now logos - Google

5. Walt Disney

Then and now logos Disney

6. Apple

Then and now logos Apple

7. Mozilla Firefox

Then and now logos Mozilla firefox

8. Cannon

Then and now logos - Cannon

9. Lego

Then and now logos

10. Nintendo

Then and now logos

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