High Life Women There Are Many Reasons Of Vaginal Bleeding Except The Monthly Visitor Periods

There Are Many Reasons Of Vaginal Bleeding Except The Monthly Visitor Periods

Health is the most important thing in a person lives. As they say “Health is like the money we never have of its value until we lose it”  said by Josh Billings.  Especially periods! Women go through periods every month. It is a natural thing every single girl, lady or women have to go through this. Wome bleed and suffer through little health issues. They face different – different conditions and it varies from one woman to other. For example – Headache, vomit, pain in legs etc. But there are other reason also as to when women bleed. Some health problems are such which never ends like vaginal bleeding. But why vagina bleeds except periods? There are many reasons let us discuss some of them!

Strong Medication


Sometimes women take such strong medications to control unwanted birth that it affects their health and they suffer from vaginal bleeding.



Thyroid is also a main cause of vaginal bleeding. In simple terms in thyroid the hormonal balance of  the body gets disturbed and can cause vaginal bleeding.



Urinary tract infection is also a major cause of vaginal bleeding. And with loo blood can also come.

High Level Of Estrogen


When the hormonla balance of a women gets disturbed which is actually very complex abnormal vaginal bleeding can take place.  The estrogen production increases  and cause vaginal bleeding.



During pregnancy some women can also cause vaginal bleeding this is normal in the first few months of pregnancy.

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