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High Life There’s Now A Café Where You Can Enjoy Your Cup Of Coffee...

There’s Now A Café Where You Can Enjoy Your Cup Of Coffee With a Side Of Oral Sex

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We can’t think of many things more soothing and joyful than sitting down with a nice cup of tea and a slice of cake. Apart from sex, obviously. That’s pretty great. Almost as great as a perfectly milky cup of earl grey. So we’re not even a tiny bit surprised that some genius has put the two greatest joys in life together. No, we don’t mean a way to have sex with tea. That’s a terrible idea and will only result in some scalded sensitive bits. We’re referring to a new ‘Fellatio Café’ in Geneva – where prostitution is legal. It’s a café where you can order oral sex along with your cup of tea. Or coffee. No judgement.

Fresh espresso Shot.
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Set to open before the end of 2016, the bistro will permit men to arrange an espresso or tea while picking a sex labourer of their decision on an iPad.The client will then sit at the bar, where they can drink and appreciate some oral sex. As per an agent from the bistro, ‘in five or ten minutes, it’s all over.’ Right then. The espresso and oral combo would cost around £40.it will let you know that what type of coffee it will give you and what sort of expressions will take it further to you.

is that coffee?
This One Is Deep!

While we’re not going to get into the morals of sex work all in all – that is a much greater theme for one more day – we might want to note that requesting individuals through an iPad does a bit removing from the demonstration of landing a blow position. What’s more, we’re somewhat worried about how much the men who claim the bistro will make contrasted with the ladies playing out the oral sex. Now the question arises, why this service is entirely for the men?

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