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Trending There's Something Seriously Wrong With This Picture Which Is Driving Everyone Crazy....

There’s Something Seriously Wrong With This Picture Which Is Driving Everyone Crazy. Can You Tell What ?

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Have a look at this picture below. No just don’t have a look, watch it peculiarly for finding what’s wrong in the pic.

At a first glance, the picture seems to be a normal photo of a six young and beautiful ladies hanging out having some beer and wine. Just a bunch of folks who are doing some regular stuff posing for the camera. However, there’s a reason which is making this picture quiet viral over the internet.

Can you spot a difference in the picture which is blowing the mind of thousands of people online?

The picture was shared on Reddit by user jr0d7771 about three days ago. It has since collected over 400 comments on the thread. Several other versions of the picture have also been floating all over social media.

OK Ok ! If you still have failed in finding out the reason why this photo is going viral, let me make it easy for you.

It’s quiet simple that the picture shows 6 women smiling at the camera. But here’s the catch – why are only five pairs of legs visible in the photo ?

Have a look again ! Quiet shocked ? You must definitely be as so was I. Now you know what is about the photo which is driving people crazy.

“Find the middle girls legs”- that’s how the picture has been captioned on Reddit.

Don’t lose heart. There is a simple explanation for the confusion in the photo. Turns out the second woman from the left actually has her legs hiding behind the first woman’s. Behold :

Mind = blown, right?

Did you guess the answer right? Tell us in the comments section below.

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