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These 10 Countries Have The Highest Defence Budget, Pakistan’s Ranking is a Shocker!

Pulwama terror attack once again made the situation intense between the two countries India and Pakistan. After Indian Air Force air strike, now Pakistan is giving the warnings of war. Defence of a country is the power of that particular country. Today we are bringing you the top 10 countries in the world with the highest Defence budget. You won’t believe that Pakistan is also there in the list, the list will be follow in a decreasing order:

10) South Korea

Defence budget: 39.2 Billion Dollar

9) Germany

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Defence budget: 45.7 Billion Dollar

8) Japan

Defence budget: 47.3 Billion Dollar

7) France

Defence budget: 53.4 Billion Dollar

6) United Kingdom

Defence budget: 56.1 Billion Dollar

5) India

Defence budget: 57.9 Billion Dollar

4) Russia

Defence budget: 63.1 Billion Dollar

3) Saudi Arabia

Defence budget: 82.9 Billion Dollar

2) China

Defence budget: 168.2 Billion Dollar

1) USA
Defence budget: 643.3 Billion Dollar

Finding Pakistan in the list, after knowing its rank in the list you will come to know that the warnings and threats Pakistan gives to Indians about its defense power are a white lie. Pakistan doesn’ t stand out even in top 20 with its low defence budget of 9.6 Billion dollar.

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